Scheduling is the process of converting a general or outline plan for a project into a time-based schedule predicated upon durations, significance, external order relationships, resource availability and target dates. The recognition of realistic time and resource constraints may influence the execution of the plan.

All of our design and construction schedules are developed using Primavera P6 software. They are analyzed and updated on a monthly basis to reflect real time changes, highlighting potential delays, slippage, and critical tasks. As a cost control tool, we load the schedule with cost and resources to reflect progress, cash flow, earned value, and overall cost.

The most important reason for developing a schedule is to manage the work. Benefits to a schedule are improved communications between the prime and sub-contractors and between the owner and the contractors during the course of construction.Our scheduling services include time impact analysis and extension of time claims.

  • Scheduling is essential to the success of any construction project. During construction, an effective schedule will benefit both the owner and contractor by monitoring the progress of the contract, identifying problems and delays that arise during construction and evaluating the causes of delays and disruptions.

    Scheduling ultimately helps contractors better manage the project and owners better control the project. This results in mitigating, reducing and/or avoiding claims leading to increased profitability.

  • Us Estimating® Specialization

    US Estimating® specializes in preparation, review and analysis of construction schedules during all stages of a construction project, including conceptual planning, pre-bid, pre-construction, construction and post-construction.


    In developing the schedule for a project, the information comes from a variety of sources. Submittal requirements are developed from the specifications and other contract documents. Installation activities and interfaces are determined from the estimate and contract documents. Manpower levels, duration’s and cost loading information for the schedule are derived from the estimate. In addition to these sources management and supervisory personnel for the project participate in the development of the schedule.

    Us Estimating® provides cost effective scheduling services at several levels:
    • Evaluate contractor prepared schedule for reasonableness, accuracy, and completeness and provide recommendations to increase effectiveness.
    • Review contractor prepared schedule for contract compliance and provide evaluation.
    • Prepare working schedule in accordance with contract requirements.
    • Prepare Linear Schedule from working schedule or contractor input.
    Schedule Risk Analysis

    Us Estimating® provides schedule risk analysis to identify risk early, maximize risk mitigation options and minimizing cost overruns and delays.

Utilizing the latest industry software, our Schedulers develop and analyze schedules for building, industrial and civil projects. We represent Prime Contractors, Sub-contractors, Owners and Insurance companies in Builder's Risk, Contract Dispute and Surety Bond claims involving time element issues.

Project Planning Schedules
  • Planning Schedule for Owners, Developers and Design Professionals.
  • Bid Schedule and “What-If” Study.
  • Contract Required CPM Schedule with Cost and Resource Loading.
Progress Schedule Updates & Monitoring
  • Contractor Schedule Update and Progress Report.
  • Comparison of Actual versus Planned Production Graphics.
  • Identification and Documentation of Changes, Delays or Acceleration.
Benifits We Deliver To You
  • Early discovery and assessment of items that critically impact your schedule.
  • Ability to maximize time recoveries and reduce the cost impact of slippage.
  • Reduce costs associated with schedule delays.
  • Deliver your project on-time.

A schedule has many applications during the construction phase besides indicating
progress and critical activities. A well-developed schedule can be used for cash flow
projections and progress payment requests. Variations can be studied to determine
potential delays to the work or to determine alternate sequences. Manpower
projections, phasing interfaces, and other capabilities are available.

Improving The Accuracy And Predictability Of Schedules

Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) services provide quantifiable data regarding the healthy
pace of a project by identifying, assessing and mitigating schedule risk using proven
statistical simulation techniques. SRA services can be effective at any point of the
project; however, early discovery maximizes value. It is a proactive schedule risk

These schedule services can be implemented at one phase of a project or implemented throughout every phase of the project from the initial needs assessment, through planning and design phase, during construction, commissioning, operations or decommissioning.