For Residential and Commercial Projects, we prepare construction cost estimates for labor and materials to submit your bid or tender to complete your contract. The method used for the estimate is to fully define and understand the scope, take off or quantify of the scope, and apply costing to the scope, which can then be summed to a total cost. Proper documentation and review of specifications is also performed.

Our takeoff services involves measuring, counting and figuring quantities of any given construction item contained within the plans. Our takeoffs are reviewed by specialized civil engineers and customized to meet each individual client’s needs.

We prepare quantity take-offs (QTO) for a detailed measurement of materials needed to complete a construction project. 

We prepare a construction work schedule listing of a project's milestones, activities, and deliverables. Dependencies and resources are defined for each task, then start and finish dates are estimated from the resource allocation, budget, task duration, and scheduled events.

We prepare proposals based on the project requirements to submit the bid or tender to the relevant party. A proposal can be trade-wise or for the complete scope based on your requirements. The contract can also be prepared for both parties.

We provided color-coded drawings also known as Markups to ensure the accuracy of quantities and for you to review which areas are considered and which are not included. It is just for the sake of client satisfaction regarding the accuracy of takeoffs.


About Us

We provide quantities/materials takeoff as well as cost estimation for all kinds of residential & commercial construction projects with all ranges (small, and large). We have successfully estimated hundreds of construction projects around the country and overseas. We have a very strong reputation for accuracy and quick completion time.

We offer a full complement of services to support your estimating needs, whether it be an Architect, Engineer, Homeowner, General Contractor, Subcontractor or Material Supplier-Manufacturer. We would love the opportunity to become an extension of your estimating operation and hope to become a trusted advisor to your business.


  • One of the best things about our company. We are always available for any questions/clarifications via Email or Call/Zoom or Text – 24/7.
  • We never compromise on the Quality of the work.
  • If something is missing in the plans, we will always send you the RFI to let you know what is missing, etc.
  • We can complete the work based on appropriate assumptions with your approval.
  • Whatever assumptions we will make, we will put the notes as well.


Our goal is to provide value-for-money estimates that are extremely accurate and easily interpreted by our clients. We take great pride in completing our projects on schedule and exceeding our client’s expectations. we am sure, you will be very happy with our services. We hold ourselves to an unparalleled standard of customer service. You can trust that when working with us, we will keep sensitive information confidential. I strongly believe you would be very happy with our work. We are always ready to manage projects of any complexity. What truly sets us apart is the way we conduct business and develop relationships.

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US Estimating services provides Construction cost estimates in all CSI trades of construction you can see our trades in the right columns. Our Construction estimators are well equipped and hands-on with every aspect of the takeoffs and pricing having past experience of dealing with industrial, hospitality, retail, commercial and residential projects.

How do we work?

Wondering about how we’ll deliver the project to you?

  • We will deliver the work to you as an editable Excel spreadsheet.
  • We will give you color-coded drawings and markups.
  • We may also offer you a copy of the software (e.g. Planswift file, Bluebeam).
  • We’ll send you the proposal in Excel, Word, or PDF format (if required).

We can always make changes to our work to meet your needs, and we can even employ your templates for your projects.


We have been in estimating business for almost 15 years now and have 90 employees. We are looking to grow slowly while maintaining our quality and commitments to our clients. 

Our charges depend on size and scope of the project. There is no fixed fee. Our average charges are like $150, $200, and $350 with an average turnaround time of 2 to 3 working days, but for the sake of continuous business, we remain minimum. Best way is to send us the plans, and after a review, we can always let you know our fee.

We are a Brooklyn-based, experienced and registered company with a team of expert Estimators working all over the USA and Canada.

We are specialized in all kind of constructions Estimating projects, Excavation, Foundation, Interior and exterior renovation, roofing etc.

We always strike to provide our clients their maximum satisfaction and value for money services. But we would like to mention that we do not do refund. We only do Exchange.

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US Estimating provides professionals with fast and accurate building cost estimates and material takeoffs services.