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Commercial Estimating Services

Commercial Estimating Services

Designed for general commercial contractors, subcontractors, industrial estate developers, lenders, architecture, engineering and design firms, accurate, effective and professional commercial valuation services are available.

Commercial estimates require accuracy, expertise and good technical understanding at all levels. We consider an exact calculation to be the decisive instrument for budget preparation and cost control during the project. 

Senior project managers who have previously evaluated a sizable commercial portfolio assess each project.

  • Do you need support with the planning and calculating of commercial building projects?
  • Or maybe you lack the necessary skills to create a BOM for a specific industry, project size or complexity?
  • Or do you lack the self-confidence to create and submit an offer?

We protect you. With a team of knowledgeable surveyors, consultants and engineers. We can guarantee accurate and fast services tailored to your individual needs. We’ll help you achieve your goals by creating cost estimates, determining profit margins or cleverly submitting proposal ideas that will set you apart from the competition.

For commercial contractors

Most accurate and detailed commercial estimates

We provide the most accurate and comprehensive commercial estimates at US Estimating. They contain all the information including location descriptions and color-coded designs.

Through our created construction cost databases and RSMeans, we price the materials, labor and equipment.

Using zip code-based pricing, we ensure the estimate is accurate for the project’s location.

Material and labor Takeoff

To carry out this project, our company will provide you with a comprehensive list of deliveries and a detailed explanation of the goods model and supplier information, prices based on zip codes, and hours worked. These calculations are provided in EXCEL spreadsheets organized by CSI Masterformat, Uniformat, or Uniformat by cost code or by your custom format.

For Commercial Developers

Preliminary commercial estimates

Commercial developers need to estimate the numbers and totals before developing plans to determine the feasibility of the project.

Thanks to our portfolio of multimillion-dollar project assessments, software know-how and historical data we create trustworthy commercial estimates and feasibility assessments for real estate developers, owners and investors.

Final commercial estimates before construction

The general contractors and subcontractors begin bidding shortly after the design drawings are complete either at the same time as the design process or after it is complete. How can a commercial developer know that the bids represent market value? How should pricing be discussed with them if GCs and subs decide not to use a professional grading company?

Our incredibly thorough pre-construction commercial estimates help set the framework for developing projects, obtaining credit, allocating the finance, managing expenses and haggling with contractors.

At US Estimating, we promise:

  • Fast processing times of 24 to 48 hours
  • Market prices (test prices)
  • Detailed and accurate estimates
  • Easy to understand reports
  • Color drawings for review
  • A qualified team of building valuers certified with prestigious accreditations such as AACE and AIQS
  • Estimates that conform to international standards
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • 24/7 chat and email support

Our Estimating Process

  • At US Estimating, the estimation process begins with a formal meeting of the estimators to discuss and determine the scope of the work. This also includes the assignment of technical experts.
  • Next, the professional estimators import the plans using the latest software and take measurements and scales with a point-and-click approach to withdraw funds digitally after reviewing the project documentation and requirements provided by the client.
  • All quantities of material are exported to EXCEL spreadsheets on the screen once the investigations are complete and then organized by department or according to the CSI cost scheme.
  • Finally, a cross-check is carried out by the lead estimator for quality assurance and quality control of the project services.
  • Our connections to local providers and RSMeans help provide accurate, zip code-based pricing for materials and labor costs categorized in terms of union and applicable wages, including standard time and overtime.
  • Reliable and timely commercial valuation services are trusted by many contractors, developers, architects, and owners. We hope you will too! 
Publish your plans first

Your plans can be concept drawings, technical documents, development plans, a proposal package, or a schematic; Just click here to send. All of the following formats are supported: JPG, JPEG, CPC, OSX, DJVU, CAL, PDF, and TIF, TIFF, DXF, DWF, DWG, PLN, JPG, JPEG.

How it works?

1. Project:

You can send/forward us the plans, specifications, and bid invitation in PDF format or via Dropbox link, Google Drive or any other website that allows us to review them.

When you forward us the plans via email, please do mention to us whether you would be bidding the whole project or selected trades so that we can review the drawing accordingly.

2. Reviewing & Proposal:

We’ll go through the plans with you in detail and provide you with a fee proposal for your approval. Only after your approval, we will start the work and there are no charges to review the plans.

Format & Software

  • Our work would be in an Editable Excel Sheet – if required, we can use your template or can put your company details on the Estimate/Proposal.
  • For to do quantities takeoff – we use software PlanSwift, BlueBeam, On Screen Takeoff (OST). Mostly we use PlanSwift.
  • We will be very happy to provide Software files as well as Markups/color drawings (if required).

Our Fees & Turnaround Time

  • We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services within our customer’s budgets.

  • We are very flexible in our fees; we are always after a long-term relationship not after one job Fee. For us, repeated work is more important than high charges of one job.

  • We charge Per Project/Plan.

Our Fees Depend on size and scope of the work But

  • Our average fees are like $250, $350, $450, $550 and we even do jobs in $100.
  • You can pay us Per Project, or you can pay us Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly.
  • We can complete the jobs within 2 to 3 working days.

I assure you that with us, you will never have any issues of quality or turnaround.

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