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Mechanical Estimating Services

Mechanical Estimating Services

For our clients, we offer the best mechanical estimating services and mechanical takeoff quotes. Employing a mechanical estimator firm that will provide you with estimates is necessary if you want to win a bid and maximize your profit. In this situation, US Estimating is estimated to have a wealth of knowledge and has worked with several clients. In addition to providing services, we also mentor our clients at every stage. Because of this, we provide our clients a thorough consultation as well as a cost analysis.

Who Are Our Clients?

People who wish to save money while receiving high-quality services make up our clientele. General contractors, mechanical contractors, pipe contractors, plumbing contractors and HVAC contractors are a few examples of the many different types of contractors. Homeowners, construction professionals, building designers and everyone else associated with the building business are also among our clientele.

No matter if you work on the design, construction or installation of heating or cooling systems, refrigeration systems, funneling systems or plumbing systems, our evaluations are made following your specific requirements. We measure every mechanical component to ensure the gauge’s accuracy and use cutting-edge, postal district-based material, hardware and work evaluation. Our team is involved with you continuously during the planning phase, including free benchmarks for bid evaluations, modification requests, value designing etc.

What Are The Mechanical Estimating Services We Are Offering?

  • Mechanical Takeoffs
  • Mechanical Piping Estimating
  • Mechanical Takeoff Services

The Following Is A List Of Other Services We Provide For Our Esteemed Clients:

  • Budget estimation
  • Bid estimation
  • HVAC estimation services
  • Mechanical project lead generation estimates

How Do We Respond?

Our response is swift because we give a high value to the time. Further, we are available 24/7 for your service.

How Many Experiences Do We Have?

Our experience in building, mechanical, plumbing, and other construction estimating spans over 27 years. In all estimation-related sectors, we have qualified personnel. Additionally, we have worked with several clients, giving us good marks for customer satisfaction.

Why Will You Choose Us?

We’ll get your business because we have adequate experience. Experience is essential in every industry. Moving on, we offer a prompt response and take good care of our customers. The arguments are sufficient to select us.

How it works?

1. Project:

You can send/forward us the plans, specifications, and bid invitation in PDF format or via Dropbox link, Google Drive or any other website that allows us to review them.

When you forward us the plans via email, please do mention to us whether you would be bidding the whole project or selected trades so that we can review the drawing accordingly.

2. Reviewing & Proposal:

We’ll go through the plans with you in detail and provide you with a fee proposal for your approval. Only after your approval, we will start the work and there are no charges to review the plans.

Format & Software

  • Our work would be in an Editable Excel Sheet – if required, we can use your template or can put your company details on the Estimate/Proposal.
  • For to do quantities takeoff – we use software PlanSwift, BlueBeam, On Screen Takeoff (OST). Mostly we use PlanSwift.
  • We will be very happy to provide Software files as well as Markups/color drawings (if required).

Our Fees & Turnaround Time

  • We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services within our customer’s budgets.
  • We are very flexible in our fees; we are always after a long-term relationship not after one job Fee. For us, repeated work is more important than high charges of one job.
  • We charge Per Project/Plan.

Our Fees Depend on size and scope of the work But

  • Our average fees are like $250, $350, $450, $550 and we even do jobs in $100.
  • You can pay us Per Project, or you can pay us Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly.
  • We can complete the jobs within 2 to 3 working days.

I assure you that with us, you will never have any issues of quality or turnaround.

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